Domaine Fabrice Vigot Vosne-Romanee La Colombiere 2015

Grape(s)          :  Pinot Noir

Description     :

From One of the Hands behind Mugneret-Gibourg

"You should make wine with fruit more naturally faithful, comfortable fruit, not too much added at the brewing stage", so afterwards goodness of ripe fruit and terroir I changed the style to do wine making that expressed frankly.

"Vonne Romanee La Colombiere" which arrived this time is a colored section located in the center of Voane Romanee, adjacent to the east of Cro-de-Chateaux. The average age is over 60 years. The overwhelming low yield gives the taste a wonderful depth of reverberation. A masterpiece with thick and juicy, with the soul of Mr. Fabrice the owner."


**Given how quickly the Mugneret-Gibourg wines disappear, these should be absolute smash hits (and, to be fair, we expect them to sell pretty quickly going forward).  No reviews, because Vigot doesn’t care, but we don’t either—these are wine to pay attention to.